AX- 900 adheres to the classic gas control method and also posess the accuracy as well as convenience of advanced
electronic monitoring and control.
Safety is not only reflected in the stability of ventilation, but also in quality control management. AX-900 has designed a
number of quality control processes for the use of inhaled anesthetics, fresh gases and soda lime, which enables medical staff
to avoid risks in operation and solve hidden dangers before the alarm.

Breakthrough of Pneumatic Drive Electronic Control Technology
AX-900 adheres to the mature pneumatic electronic control technology of AX series, and has made breakthroughs in precision. At
present, AX-900 can perform a 5ml low tidal volume ventilation under PCV mode during infant anesthesia, and the maximum tidal
volume can reach 1500ml, coupled with stable pressure control enable AX-900 to achieve full age coverage. At the same time, the low
tidal volume error is lower to less than 5ml. The use of the latest fluid control hardware with a new dynamic tidal volume compensation
algorithm, makes doctors’ dream come ture. The breathing circuit structure is improved, and the circuit leakage is less than 65 ml/min.
Supreb stability reduces the amount of anesthetic gas inhaled by the operator and reduces the harm of the halothane to the doctor.