The Latest Body Contouring Device specifically designed with Mixed Technology

Delinea Body Contouring Indications

Delinea is the first device in its kind, combining energy delivery not only through light but also through electrical stimulation for:
  • Non-Invasive Localised Adiposity
  • Skin Laxity prevention

Delinea Body Contouring Overview

DELINEA is presently the latest, most advanced body contouring technology from leading Italian laser manufacturer Quanta System. It delivers heat and energy to the targeted area for significantly optimal results with no downtime and no operator required.

The current Aesthetic Market trend is now focusing on body shaping technology specifically designed to completely remodel the localized fat deposits. The cutting edge technology present in Delinea is the synergic action of both the infrared Technology and the EMS stimulation.

Delinea certainly represents a real turning point for the entire Aesthetic Market leading your center to an unrelenting success.


  • Operator Free System
  • Non-Invasive body shaping with No downtime
  • Powerful Infrared Technology Combined with EMS Stimulation
  • High patient satisfaction
  • No Consumables for Excellent ROI
  • Not limited to applicators therefore suitable for all body shapes
  • Lunch-time sessions (15-30 minutes)
  • Integrated Sapphire Cooling technology for safety and comfort
  • Treat all body types with no BMI restrictions