Discovery PICO series

The New Era of Tattoo & Pigmented Lesion Treatments


DISCOVERY PICO Series is the first “second generation” pico-second Nd:YAG laser for tattoo removal, pigmented lesions and skin resurfacing/rejuvenation treatments.

This laser series includes up to three wavelengths, 532nm – 1064nm – 694nm, high peak power and up to four emission modes, to combine maximum operating performances with the widest range of treatments.

Laser Sources:

  • Nd:YAG Q-Switch
  • Ruby Q-Switch

Laser versions:

  • Discovery Pico Plus 1064 nm + 532 nm in Q switch and Pico mode as well as optipulse and photothermal with addition of Q -switch 694 nm (Ruby)
  • Discovery Pico 1064 nm + 532 nm in Q switch and Pico mode as well as optipulse and photothermal
  •  Pico Start 1064nm + 532nm Pico mode only


  • Multi-Coloured Tattoo Removal
  • Benign Pigmented Lesion Removal
  • World’s first pico-second laser with Ruby
  • Worlds highest peak power 1.8GW
  • Square, round and fractional hand-pieces
Discovery PICO series Discovery PICO series discovery pico series

Picosecond Effect

The DISCOVERY PICO Series generates a pure photo-acoustic effect to shatter inks and pigmentations leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.

This pico-second laser, thanks to its shorter pulse durations and high peak power can effectively pulverise even the deepest skin pigments and large spots, whist Q-Switch emissions only fragment te particles.

The DISCOVERY PICO series lasers deliver ultra-short pulses (picosecond) delivering optimal results to patients with the most advance laser technology on the market today; making them the preferred choice for professionals wanting a point of difference and a point of reference.

The Quanta PICO series has Nd:YAG double-wavelength source, emitting pico-second emissions at both 1064nm and 532nm. This is provided by the exclusive Quanta Pico-boost technology. This brilliant innovative feature means with the laser you can work in:

  • Picosecond mode delivering up to 800mj energy and 1.8GW of power
  • Q-Switch mode
  • Photon-Thermal mode

The innovation introduced by Quanta in the Discovery PICO consist of peak power level delivered through ultra-short pulses, twice the power of any other Pico-second laser. This means results are enhanced increasing the efficacy, whilst at the same time improving efficiency with a reduced average energy dose.

OptiBeam II Hand-piece

The OptiBeam II hand-pieces are desgined to generate different flat-top spot shapes at a selection of spot sizes.

  • Square, flat-top hand-pieces are ideal for tattoo removal.
  • Round, flat-top hand-pieces are designed to be adjusted to pigmented lesions and are perfect for facial treatments.
  • The Fractional hand-piece is perfect for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. with very short recovery time and high safety levels.

Twain Hand-pieces

Twain options are IPL or Er:YAG handpieces that can be attached to the TWAIN connector of the device (not available for Discovery Pico Start).

Twain IPL is indicated for:

  • Hair Removal
  • Dermatological vascular treatments
  • Benign pigmented lesions
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Active acne.

Twain 2940 is indicated for:

  • Skin ablation
  • Full skin resurfacing



  • Skin resurfacing
  • Traumatic and acne scars
  • Epidermal dyschromia
  • Sun and age spots.

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