Mission Plus Hb

Fast, accurate hemoglobin results from a go-anywhere portable meter

Designed for POC Testing

• Portable handheld

• Large, easy-to-read LCD

• Optional test devices minimize contamination


• Precise results equivalent to laboratory analyzers

• Wide Hb measurement range of 4.5 – 25.6 g/dL

• Calculated Hct range of 13 – 75

Quick & Convenient

• Results in < 15 seconds

• Auto-calibration

• Stores up to 1,000 results

• Fast data transfer via Mini USB port

3 Easy Steps:

Mission Plus Hb Mission Plus Hb Insert

1) Insert Test Device or Strip

Mission Plus Hb Mission Plus Hb apply

2) Apply 10 µL specimen with capillary tube

Mission Plus Hb Mission Plus Hb Read

3) Read results

Product Specifications

Mission Plus Hb Mission Plus Hb test model
Mission Plus Hb Mission Plus Hb Test strip model
Features Specifications
Methodology Reflectance  Photometry
Detection Principle Methemoglobin
Time to Results < 15 seconds
Memory 1,000 tests with date/time and ID number
Specimen  Volume 10 µL
Specimen Type Capillary and Venous whole blood
Hb Measurement Range 4.5-25.6 g/dL
Hct Range 13-75%
Wavelengths 525 nm
PC Interface Mini USB Port
Calibration Automatic
Hb Within Run Precision CV ≤ 3%
Hb Total Precision CV ≤ 3%
Accuracy Venous Blood: Y=0.9582X+0.5673, R2=0.992;
Capillary Blood: Y=1.006X+0.026, R2=0.993
Operating  Conditions 10 – 40 ºC (50 -104 ºF); ≤90% RH
Meter Storage Conditions 0-50 °C (32-122 °F); ≤90% RH
Strip/Device  Storage Conditions 2-30 °C (36-86 °F); ≤85% RH
Strip/Device  Shelf Life 2 years unopened  canister; 3 months opened canister
Power Source 4*AAA (1.5 V) or AC adapter (Mini USB, 5 V dc, 50 mA)
Battery Life 2,700 tests or 360 hours
Automatic  Shut Off 8 minutes
Meter Dimensions  (L X W X H) 137mm × 79 mm × 26 mm (5.4″x 3.11″x 1.02″)
LCD Dimensions  (L X W) 50 mm × 50 mm (1.97″x 1.97″)

Product Accessories

Mission Plus Hb Mission Plus Hb Lancing Device and Lancets 200 x 200 1

Lancing Device & Lancets

– 6 adjustable depth settings for greater comfort

Mission Plus Hb Mission Plus Hb Safety Lancets 1    200 x 200

Safety Lancet I

– Needles automatically retract to ensure patient safety
– For single use only
– Encased sterile needles eliminate accidental injuries and contamination

Mission Plus Hb Mission Plus Hb Control Strips and Devices 200 x 200

Control Strips & Devices

– Use control strips and devices to monitor meter performance

Mission Plus Hb Mission Plus Hb Control solutions  200 x 200

Control Solution

– 3 control solutions available: Level 0, Level 1, and Level 2
– Use control solution to confirm that the meter is working properly

Mission Plus Hb Mission Plus Hb 35uL capillary tube 200x200

Capillary Transfer Tubes

– 10 µL plastic capillary transfer tubes ensure a sufficient sample has been obtained

Mission Plus Hb Mission Plus Hb Adaptor Kit 200 x 200

Adapter Kit

– Power Adapter allows user to power meter without batteries
– 4 different plugs available for use in different countries

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