Multiple Wavelengths for the Highest Challenges in Laser Applications

Whilst Quanta is well known for its propriety mixed laser technology it also has a range of lasers that do not incorporate mixed technology with a great amount of choice for the ultimate platform laser system.

The Quanta Light Series – EVO Family is based on solid state Alexandrite or Nd:YAG laser sources with up to four wavelengths: 755 nm, 1064 nm, 532 nm and 1320 nm.


The Quanta Light Series meets the needs of every operator with multiple treatment possibilities, consisting of systems with two laser cavities allowing you to chose what wavlength you’d like in each cavity. Each Quanta Light EVOo then has the ability to add on further wavelgnths through its ionnovative TWAIN connection.



Quanta Light series Quanta Light series qunata light 1

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