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i-Port Advance™ is a discreet injection port that comes with an inserter for patients who use a pen or syringe to administer multiple daily subcutaneous injections. It is suitable for both adults and children.

Each i-Port enables multiple subcutaneous injections for three days (or 75 injections) without having to puncture the skin for each dose of medication. The port can be worn during all normal activities, including exercising, sleeping, and bathing.

i-Port Advance™ injection port is easy to apply. It includes a built-in inserter, which gives you a quick, virtually painless application. Only a soft flexible tube, called a cannula stays under the skin. Once applied, inject your medication through the port instead of your skin (no medication is stored inside the device)

You must agree to the following 6 statements in order to proceed to the checkout.

1. I agree to review the instructions for use (in the box) before commencing use of i-Port Advance™ and adhere to the recommendations.

2. I understand not to use a pen needle shorter than 5mm or longer than 8mm when injecting into i-Port Advance™.

3. I understand that i-Port Advance™ can be used for 72 hours or 75 injections maximum.

4. I understand that bolus insulin should be injected 60 minutes before basal insulin into a single i-Port Advance™.

5. I agree to inform the diabetes team responsible for my/my child’s care that i-Port Advance™ is being used.

6. Medtronic may contact me with information regarding technical support related to the device in my possession, diabetes therapy, product improvements, new technologies and other news.



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